I was certified in 1979. I found I really enjoyed the personal contact with individuals. and the creativity. I got to the level of an international educator where I traveled and taught people what I knew about hair. I turned down two teaching positions because I want to be of service to people and develop relationships behind the chair. What I enjoy about what I do is touching as many lives as I can. My favorite part about this is touching people and that is my dream. To me it has never been about money, it has always been about the good relationships with people. Im open to growth but I mostly enjoy helping people with their needs. I love what I do and so my focus has always been the relationship with peopleI try to take what mother nature gave you and work within the boundaries of what your hairs limitations are. It makes it easier for the client to go home and recreate the style because the hairs not being asked to do something it wont do. For a style that has a specific look we can work around that within the given hair texture and the persons ability to be able to recreate that look. The gratitude I get from doing what I do is the smile in the mirror when we’re done. The returning customers are my tip. The best tip I can have is referrals to me.

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